Painting 2014

landscape landscape

Landscape; 32”x36”; oils on cardboard;2013

Campo rojo Campo rojo

Campo rojo; 18”x24”; oils on canvas;2012

night garden blooming night garden blooming

Jeankarlos Cruz-night garden blooming 24”x30” 2013 oils on canvas

The third manifestation of the walker The third manifestation of the walker

The third manifestation of the walker; 30”x46”; oils, arabic gun on canvas;2013

studio process on accumulation studio process on accumulation

Studio Process on accumulation; 24”x30”; oils, mesh on canvas;2013

gesture gesture

Gesture; 18”x24”; oils on canvas; 2014

fossil fossil

Fossil; 24”x 36”; oils, pigments, graphite on canvas;2014

caída caída

Caída ;18”x24”; oils on canvas;2012

contextualizing the blues contextualizing the blues

Contextualizing the blues ;20”x20”; oils on canvas;2014

plants plants

Plants; 23”x 23” ; acrylics on canvas;2012

landscape landscape

Landscape; 18”x 24”; oils on canvas;2012

Bluegreek Bluegreek

Bluegreek; 26”x 26”; oils on canvas;2013

garden garden

Garden; 24”x30”; oils on canvas;2012

creature creature

Creature ;20”x 30”; oils on canvas;2013

duality duality

Duality; 20”x 30”; oils on canvas;2013

roots in darkness roots in darkness

Roots in darkness; 20”x 30”; oils on canvas;2013

creature creature

Creature; 24”x36”; acrylics, crayons on canvas;2014

The dark night of the roots The dark night of the roots

The dark night of the roots; 30”x 48”; oils, mesh on canvas;2013



Jeankarlos Cruz conducts a studio practice

That constructs an abstract vocabulary

To investigate and

communicate the essence in

The realm of environment structures both

Physical and intangible.


Abstraction as language

Dissolves immediate associations and meanings

Perceived by

Traditional figurative representation of the real. 


The practice of forming, finding,

deconstructing the image

Requires constant agitation and

Manipulation of materials over the surface.

Through time

Layer upon Layer of materials and actions

Search to capture a materialistic image.


Only the painting itself,

after being exhausted,

Concludes the act.

Collapsing several sections of time

Into the one final presentation.


The process opens the way to

Communicate meanings in the themes

we could so humanistically present


over the course of History:

Human nature, the cosmos, love variations, ancestry, cotidianism, social struggles,

and the placements of objects in between it all.



Current city: New York

Born: June 11th, 1993 Dominican Republic



2017- BA International Culinary Center, NY, NY

2015- BFA The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NY, NY

2010- Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI

2009- Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY



2009- 2nd Art Exhibit New Jersey City University , Jersey City, NJ

2010- Latino Art Exhibit at MasterCard Worldwide, Pruchase, New York

2010-Union City Art Gallery at City Hall , NJ

2010-Qbava Gallery "La Virgen de Todos", Union City NJ

2012-Qbava Gallery "Sin Limites" , Union City NJ

2013-Union City Museum of Art at William V. Musto Cultural Center “Emerging Artist, The Precursors of Salsa”, Union City, NJ

2014-The Cooper Union, “Closing”, New York, NY

2014-Painting Exhibit at The Statuary, Jersey City Heights, NJ

2015-“4on4” at the Park Theater, Union City, NJ

2015- Scenic art at The Statuary with Andrea Murchison & The Murch Church Brass Band, Jersey City NJ

2016- “A Town Gets Down” festival in collaboration with Walter Parks and the Florida Ballet Company, Savannah, Georgia

2016- A Town Gets Down fundraiser at the Savannah Colleague of Art and Design (SCAD) Savannah, Georgia

2016- The Statuary at History Holland Street- an experimental show exploring the interrelations of the different disciplines: visual arts, music, performance, dance and architecture. a collaboration with Walter Parks, International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC) and ConVivo. Jersey City, NJ

Solo show:

2014- Right Angle Gallery “New Spring” curated by Pedro Gilabert, Hoboken, NJ

2015- The Cooper Union “El Reino de Este Mundo”, NY

2015- Right Angle Gallery-adaptation from “El Reino de Este Mundo” curated by Pedro Gilabert, Hoboken, NJ

2017-The Statuary- "Modular Stage", NJ